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Chikasha Stories Volume One: Shared Spirit

This illustrated collection of stories, drawn from Chickasaw oral tradition, is the first bilingual book series published by Chickasaw Press. Artfully told in both English and Chickasaw by premier Chickasaw storyteller and tribal elder Glenda Galvan, the collection serves as an introduction to the Chickasaw language, while preserving the storytelling tradition that is so vital to Chickasaw culture. Presented as children’s stories, the collection is brought to life with the whimsical and vibrant illustrations of award-winning Chickasaw artist Jeannie Barbour. Volume One introduces the kindred spirit Chickasaw people have always shared with animals and nature. Each tale teaches important life lessons and provides an ancient Chickasaw perspective on why things in nature occur the way they do.

Glenda Galvan

Jeannie Barbour

About the App

The Chickasaw Press is proud to preserve Chickasaw storytelling tradition with the Chikasha Stories app. Based on the award-winning book Chikasha Stories, Volume One: Shared Spirit by Chickasaw storyteller Glenda Galvan, the app features highlighted narration that allows children of all ages to read along with our traditional stories in English or Chickasaw. Interactive images let users touch characters and objects on the screen to hear the name spoken in Chickasaw. Presented as children's stories, each tale teaches important life lessons, and readers can choose to listen along with the narration, or to read each story for themselves. Narratives feature Glenda Galvan, Joshua D. Hinson, Jerry Imotichey, and Joann Ellis. Illustrations by award-winning Chickasaw artist Jeannie Barbour.

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