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Good Night, Trilobite

Trilobites are small water animals that lived long before the dinosaurs. Some of the richest trilobite fossil deposits in the world are found within the Chickasaw Nation’s boundaries in southern Oklahoma. Good Night, Trilobite is a story about Tony the trilobite and his friends, Becky the brachiopod and Bryan the bryozoan, who lived 415 million years ago on the sea floor of what would one day be the Chickasaw Nation. When a hungry cephalopod named Seth shows up, Tony and his friends find themselves in trilobite trouble!

This fun and educational introduction to creatures from the Paleozoic era and the fossils they left behind includes a glossary of scientific terms, Chickasaw language vocabulary words, and a downloadable version of the “Trilobite Song,” written and performed by author Steve Vanlandingham.

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