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Montford: An Original Brand / Blu-Ray Format

Step into the history, hardships and struggles Chickasaw cattleman, Montford T. Johnson experienced living in Indian Territory, now present-day Oklahoma from 1843 – 1896.

Self-made and determined, Montford faced the hardships of the time head-on, eventually establishing a vast ranching empire during one of the most forbidding periods in Oklahoma history. The ranches he established ran along the famed Chisholm Trail and included parts of modern-day Oklahoma City.

This one-hour documentary, narrated by Peter Coyle, follows Johnson, his family and his associates as they build their cattle operations from the ground up.

Montford: An Original Brand offers a unique perspective into the life of one of Oklahoma’s great cattlemen, known across the region as a fair and successful businessman and whose influence impacts the industry today.

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